A design school where you can learn the latest skills related to fashion and beauty

Vantan is highly recommended.For those who really wish to learn about Japanese fashion, hair, and makeup!

Since its establishment in 1965, Vantan has produced more than 190,000 graduates. From day one, the institute has always been particular about the concept of “hands-on learning”. Every year, Vantan manages to produce many great creators thanks to the educational program that can only be experienced here at the institute such as the one-on-one guidance by outstanding lecturers, and the industry-academia collaboration curriculum that allows students to acquire knowledge and the latest information about the industry.

Reasons,For choosing Vantan Design Institute

100% of our lecturers are current professional creators

100% of our lecturers are professional creators who are currently active in the field.
We provide an environment that allows the excellent creators to directly teach students the latest techniques, knowledge, and understanding.

  • Fashion designer: Mikio Sakabe

    Mikio Sakabe

    Fashion designer

    After graduating from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Seikei University, he moved to Europe. He then attended Royal Academy in Antwerp, Belgium and graduated at the top of his class in the fashion department in 2006. In 2007, he immediately founded his own brand called "MIKIO SAKAB" together with Shueh Jen-Fang from Taiwan. He planned an exhibition called "New Designers Met in Europe" along with fellow designers of the same generation for ’08 Spring/Summer Collection in Japan Fashion Week 2007. And today, he continues his journey worldwide and showcasing his designs at Tokyo, Paris, and Milan.

  • Stylist: Megumi Date

    Megumi Date


    In 2001, she studied under Nagase Tetsuro and in 2004, she became independent. Since then, she started focusing on styling for artists and advertisements. While still incorporating the latest trends, her styling concept stays the same without being influenced too much by the trends. Because of that, she is well-trusted among celebrities, photographers, and directors. Her costume designs also have an excellent reputation and till today, she has worked for many artists including BABY METAL, Kalafina, Morning Musume ’14, and others for promotional videos and CD covers.

  • Hair & makeup artist: Eriko Katsu

    Eriko Katsu

    Hair & makeup artist

    She graduated from Vantan Design Insitute in 2003. After working as a hair-braiding trainer in FEBBRAIO DI ALES, she continued her career as a hair and makeup artist in MINGLE AGENCY. In 2009, she moved to America and studied under Dominie Till, a makeup artist who is famous for her work in the movie "Lord of The Rings". Today, she continues her career as a hair and makeup artist.

  • Hairstylist/headpiece designer: Kunio Kozaki

    Kunio Kozaki

    Hairstylist/headpiece designer

    From hairstyling for magazines such as VOGUE, i-D, DAZED & CONFUSED, advertisements and even CHRISTIAN DADA (Tokyo/Paris collection) to designing headpieces for musicians, this stylist under the company W inc. is actively involved in various projects. He first launched his collection of hairpins under the brand "PINS" which could be found at Colette, a French high fashion and accessory retailer. Last year, he announced a new hair accessory line called "KNEW".

On top of that, lesson videos by professionals are also available


Unlimited viewing up to 4,000 lesson videos!At Vantan, you can review and prepare for classes 24/7, anytime and anywhere
Learn more with the help of the original video service packed with tips and knowledge from the professionals!

Vantan FliP CHANNEL is an online video streaming service that allows students to study and review at any time of the day. You can check out videos related to any field available at Vantan or other courses as well!

A new style of learning that further helps to enhance the learning effect of every student!

As most of the videos are only 10 minutes long and easy to understand, they are suitable to be used as a tool for class preparation a day before the lesson or lesson review while on the way to class. More videos by professional teachers in every field are expected to be added to the site in the future.

The Way of Thinking of Fashion Design/Hachi

Hachi, the fashion designer who helped designing clothes for LADY GAGA and Kato Miliyah and even started his own label overseas called "BALMUNG". Here, he teaches you about the way of thinking for fashion design.

The art of make-up by Igari Shinobu

Igari Shinobu, a famous hair and makeup artist who created the ‘Igari makeup style’ known to give female celebrities and models a cute look. This time, she will tell you all about the art of makeup!

Reason 02 Classes with small group of students

Vantan's education system emphasizes the ability to provide proper learning experience by understanding each student's individuality, strengths and weaknesses.

Vantan 15-25 students+professional lecturers Regular vocational school 40-50 students+regular lecturers

Reason 03 Hands-on learning

We have various curriculum that helps nurture efficiency in students such as production practices based on the actual work flow and industry-academia collaborative classes with leading companies.

Example of a production practice lesson


It is a session that symbolizes Vantan, the home of various academic fields. Students from every department will work together as a team to come up with a creation in an environment similar to the professional working sites. With this, students can collaborate with those from different fields while improving the ability to respond at a work site and create something that can only be done with such an opportunity.

Examples of creations produced from session work
  1. 01
    A lookbook photoshoot for an original brand


  2. 02
    Directing and hair & makeup for a fashion show


  3. 03
    Production of a brand catalouge


  4. 06
    Production of a pop-up shop


  5. 05
    Planning and production of advertisement for companies/brands


  6. 04
    Production of MV for singers


Industry-academia collaborative class

A collaboration with Galaxy Studio Tokyo

A fashion event was held at Harajuku featuring styling concepts created by students from the fashion department. They were required to come up with a fashion-forward style based on the image of products like Galaxy S8|S8+.

Reason 04 Career support

We provide beneficial career support and technical support that helps to improve the quality of students’ work. With this combination, we manage to produce many professional creators every year.

  • support01
    An abundance of job offers

    Every year, we are given over 1,500 job offers. As every class only consists of a small group of students, each of them can receive plenty of job offers, making it easier for them to get a job.

  • support02
    Job fairs at school

    At these job fairs, students might get scouted directly by HR staffs from companies. Thanks to this system, you can even get a job at well-known companies which are not open to the public.

  • support03
    Internship & temporary employment

    Every year, we receive over 1,000 offers for internship and we even provide plenty of internship programs for every student who is interested.

  • support04
    'JOB NET'- the job seeking site for Vantan's students

    This website is only available for students of Vantan. You can still use it even after graduation, so it will be helpful to seek for a new job.

  • support05
    'JOB MACTH PROGRAM'- an original career support program

    We provide employment preparation support for students who are looking for a job, such as industry-related studies, exam preparations, and trial exams. We also offer lectures by corporate staffs.

    Industry research:

    We invite corporate managers and you can learn about the changes and the market of the particular industry from them.

    Career Design:

    HR managers are invited and through them, you can learn more about the point of view of your own career. We even conduct thorough self-assessment sessions.

    Trial exam preparation:

    We provide trial interviews and exam preparation lessons. With that, you can identify your own strengths and weaknesses.

Course introduction

We prepared courses specialized by occupational category to train future professionals who can hit the ground running.

Frequently asked questions


Since when has VDI started accepting international students?
VDI (Tokyo campus) began accepting international students since 2010. We also have a Japanese language school. With these experiences, we are confident to say that we offer a perfect environment for everyone to study at.
How many international students are there in a class?
We estimate there would be about 1 to 3 students in a class.
How many lecturers are there in a class?
Around 8-10 current professionals from the industry will teach as lecturers per classroom. It is definitely nothing uncommon to experience being taught directly by famous artists, models, and people from well-known fashion brands at Vantan.
Do you have staffs who can speak foreign languages?
Yes, we do have staffs who can speak English, Chinese, and Korean. But all classes will be conducted in Japanese, so please try to actively communicate in Japanese daily at school. However, you can always find staffs who can communicate in your mother tongue in case you are having trouble at the beginning of your school experience here.


How much is the cost of living in Japan?
It depends on your lifestyle but roughly it is about 40,000-70,000 yen for rent, 5,000-10,000 yen for utilities, 20,000-30,000 yen for meal expenses, 5,000 yen for phone bill, and 8,000-10,000 yen for transportation fees. On average, the cost of living is between 80,000-150,000 yen per month.
Do you offer recommendation for housing/places to stay?
We do introduce affiliated dormitories, apartments, student apartments, share houses, and others. So, please pick according to your preference.For more information about accomodation help, please contact us.


Can I apply for a student visa to study at Vantan Design Institute?
Yes. Besides being highly evaluated for its well-balanced school management and students' employment achievement, VDI is approved by the Japanese Government as a "school adapted to accept international students" for fashion and design.You can acquire a visa and join any course for one year up to three years.
Can international students work part-time while attending school?
If you want to work part-time, you will need to apply for "permission to engage in activities other than your status" at the Immigration Bureau.After obtaining the permission, you can work part-time up to 28 hours per week.


How do I pay the school fees?
After passing the entrance examination, you must pay the enrollment procedure fee within 2 weeks by bank transfer. When your visa is approved, you can transfer the remaining amount.
※Those who already have a visa should pay the remaining balance within 3 weeks after paying the enrollment procedure fee.
Am I eligible for tuition refund if I drop-out mid-term?
If you are forced to drop out due to a sudden change in circumstances or residence, there is a refund system for portions of the tuition fee based on the number of months of unattended lectures. However, fees for enrollment and learning materials are not included. Please contact us for more information.
Is the fee for learning materials included in tuition fee?
No. Plus, the fee for learning materials vary depending on the course. So, please check the applicable page of the application guidelines in the enclosed pamphlet.


What is the requirement to enroll at Vantan?
An N2 certification of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is required. You also need to pass the Vantan's entrance exam. Be sure to attend the school briefing session before applying.

School events

In order to offer students a more fulfilling and exciting school life,
we do not only provide opportunities for a debut and share their creations,
but we also hold plenty of events throughout the year.

Chief events of the year


    An event featuring the biggest debut collections for a design school in all of Japan


    Learn and go for a fashion collection training and purchasing training at New York, Paris or Korea


    An exhibition that gathers all the creations of fellow students before graduation


    A party at school to celebrate Halloween and Christmas


    A painting service at SUMMER SONIC, the largest festival in Japan


    An outdoor party where new students gather and have fun



1-9-14 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya, Tokyo, 〒150-0022 


1-min walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, "Ebisu Station"
1-min walk from JR Yamanote line/Saikyo line, "Ebisu Station"