• 【 2017/5/20】
    X-SEED started primary recruitment.
  • 【 2017/2/11】
    DAIRIKU participated in NewYork FashionWeek and released the collection.
  • 【 2015/10/10】
    2015 X-SEED First Admission will be until December 182015 X-SEED First Admission will be until December 18
  • 【 2015/9/20】
    ASIAFASHION COLLECTION2015にX-SEED生3名が出場決定。詳細はこちら《AsiaFashionCollection》
    2015 X-SEED students, three of whom are announced collection by Oct 18 AsiaFashionCollection .Details>《AsiaFashionCollection》
  • 【 2015/1/15】
    X-SEED生2名が2月14日Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek NY にてコレクションを発表します。詳細はこちら《AsiaFashionCollection》
    2014 X-SEED students, two of whom are announced collection by February 14 Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek NY.Details>《AsiaFashionCollection》
  • 【 2014/12/15】
    2015 X-SEED First Admission will be until December 20
  • 【 2014/09/30】
    2015 X-SEED Admission Begins


  • VIANAD ViVijoanne Anais dorsbien

    Designer:Maaku Suzuki
    2014 X-SEED Graduates
    ViVijoanne and Anais. Two fictional sisters dream of an imaginary heroine. She is elegant and sweet, yet her mysteriousness draws people’s attention. Based on such a female image, like a dream from the past, like a scene from a romance movie - the feeling of dreaming a story translates to the feeling of wearing a story; a brand in which garments transform women dramatically.

    Brand Info>>

  • is

    Designer:Akiko Kishimoto
    2014 X-SEED Graduates
    A design reminiscent of the dim world and those dancing under the moonlight. A concept of clothes that luxuriously shines in the dark. Leather, wool, and silk are some of the main materials used in this collection. Having rock as the root of the brand, I want to express elements of hard elegance.

    Brand Info>>

  • Asia Fashion Collection

    “Asia Fashion Collection (AFC),” is an incubation project, produced and supported by Vantan and PARCO, in cooperation with the supporting industry organizations based in Asia, looking to contribute to the further development of the fashion industry across Asia. The promising young designers from Asia, selected through recommendation made by Korea Fashion Association and Taiwan Textile Federation and Hong Kong Trade Development Council, will be given the opportunities to make the runway debut, together with talented design students from Vantan Design Institute, in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo in October and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February 2015. The designers will participate in post-show incubation programs such as exhibitions and various promotional events held in Asia. 「Asia Fashion Collectionは、アジアのファッション産業のさらなる発展を目指し、アジア各国機構と連携しアジアの若手デザイナーを発掘・インキュベートするプロジェクトです。 Asia Fashion Collectionでは、コリアファッションアソシエーション、台湾テキスタイルフェデレーション、香港貿易発展局と連携し、各国を代表する若手デザイナーが手掛けるブランドを選出、2014年10月のMercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo、2015年2月にMercedes-Benz Fashion Week New Yorkでのランウェイデビューの機会を提供します。また選出されたブランドは、ニューヨークのランウェイデビュー後、日本を含むアジアでの販売や受注を目的とした事業化支援プログラムにも参加できます。


  • nelly hohmann

    2013 X-SEED Graduates
    “nelly hohmann” is combining European and Japanese perception of beauty and aesthetics by creating
    versatile classics, joining sharp lines, silk and Japanese appreciation of all fabrics, even the most synthetic and unusual.
    It stands for the European, cosmopolitan and open-minded woman who regards clothing and fashion as a way to express herself, without loosing sight of her individuality, as she creatively combines everyday classics with unique pieces.
    2012  Cutting Edge, Tokyo Fashion Week
    2010  Banzai!, graduation exhibition, during Berlin Fashion Week
    2009  semester show, London 30paarhaende, semester show, Berlin Fashion Week
    2012  study of Fashion Design at Vantan Design Institute (X-SEED)
    2010  graduating in Fashion Design (BA of Arts) from HTW Berlin, work as screen printing tutor a HTW Berlin and interning as pattern cutting assistant for pattern cutter Lotta Saas in Berlin
    2009  study of Fashion Design at UCA Rochester and interning at London based Designer Marios Schwab
    2007  intern at 747 studios Hamburg (photography) and volunteering as stylist for Mode Magazin


  • eisunoge. by tsunoji Kei

    2013 X-SEED Graduates
    Brand Profile
    “eisunoge.” is a brand established by a designer Kei Tsunoji, based in Tokyo.
    Good at high creation and styling with the essence of Tokyo street style.
    Brand name derives from his own name “KeiTsunoji”, and deleted initials.
    Breaking down his own name implicates “imperfection”, which roots in his brand concept.
    He releases his collection, picking up imperfect figure and alters it into perfection, with every seasonal theme.

    HEP Five original fashion contest -with prize
    Nippori collection 2010 ”” -with prize
    Draft! 10-Finalist
    Vantan Cutting Edge -grand prix
    Vantan Graduation Exhibition -grand prix

    Designer: Kei Tsunoji(22)
    1990 Born in Yamaguchi, Japan
    2009-2011 Vantan Design Institute, Osaka
    2012- Proceeded to the intensive class “X-SEED”



    2013 X-SEED Graduates
    Brand Profile
    Free-spirited and independent women are the source to set up every seasonal theme for this brand.
    Brand name is inspired by Francoise Sagan, French novelist who hailed as "a charming little monster" and spend the life of free-spirit and scandal.
    Her perspective of the world comes from philosophy about women and her atmosphere.
    Focused on distinctive color blocking, she specializes in original textile and hand-knitted product.

    2010-2012 Cutting Edge collection release
    2012 Started to sell collection in Shibuya PARCO Part 3 (Department Store)
    Participated in 13SS Textile exhibition “XbyO”,

    Natsuki Watanabe
    1991.2.18 Born
    2009- Vantan Design Institute Collection Design Studies
    2010- Participated in in-school competition “cutting edge”
    2012- Proceeded to the intensive class “X-SEED”
    Internship experience
    AULA AILA, DRESS CAMP, motonari ono


  • SWANZI by Anki

    2012 X-SEED Graduates
    [Born 1984 Hong Kong] 2007 -New Designer Fashion Grand Prix, Women's wear "Workmanship Rrize“ 2010 -Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers Contest “Grand prize” -Working as an intern for Vivienne Westwood London head office.


  • Cheryl Chee

    2012 X-SEED Graduates
    [Born 1984 Australia] -After graduating with honors from RMIT University, worked as an intern for HISUI. -Entering Vantan X-SEED Program 2010 -launch of own brand "part of"


  • yuya kubohara

    2012 X-SEED Graduates
    [Born 1989 Japan] 2009 -Entering Vantan Design Institute 2010 -JFA Fur Design Contest "Second prize" 2011 -Entering Vantan X-SEED Program

  • mi_ _ _s

    2012 X-SEED Graduates
    [Born 1985 Japan] -After studying architecture at the University, got experience of wholesale manufacturing at OEM company. 2008 -Entering Vantan Design Institute 2011 -Entering Vantan X-SEED


  • Dummyhead Depaysemen

    Satoko Ozawa Born in Setagaya Tokyo Japan 2005 Pass through the BA of the Meiji Gakuin University 2007 Pass through the Vantan design Institute 2008 Recieve the prize of “ new designer fashion grand prix ”



    Born in 1985. He started his career from 2006. “Strong and memorable” is always the concept of his creation, and he keeps making hand-made head items. So that he makes wide range of category from simple to decorative design. KABUTO by MASAHIO KAJI is a men?s hat label characterized by deformation design - uses no existing wooden form. He puts design images come form Kabuto?s brawniness and aesthetic values of traditional Japanese art to hats with boldness and sensitivity. He greduated from VANTAN in 2006. Also he does style direction for new Tokyo Fashion brands Dummyhead Depaysemen and ENTOPTIC



    Born in Neyagawa City,Osaka in 1985.Grafuate from the Vantan Design Institute of Fashion in 2007. the same year,she was awarded the New Designer Fashion Grand Prix Prize for Excellence and the Nagoya Fashion Contest 2007 Grand Prix. In March 2008,she debuted in JFW with her 08-09A/W collection.In August 2009,she presented her 09-10A/W collection at TIS(Taipei In Style). In October 2009 and March 2010,she participated in the Vantan Tokyo joint exhibition in Paris.AGURI CO.,Ltd was established in March 2010. She was awarded for the New Designer Award for the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix,which was the only prize in Japangranted to professional fashion designers. This is her 5th season participating in JFW. She presents a uniquely Japanese aesthetic through her concepts of feminine beauty and redefine the nature of tailored clothing.


  • lessthan*

    He was born in Tokyo, 21 July 1972, and graduated from Waseda university. In 1998 he participated in Tokyo Fashion Week for the first time with his label "Doppel Ganger". From 2005 he changed his brand name to "Less than", and went on to exhibit at Tokyo Fashion Week, in Berlin, Paris, Shanghai and Florence, each season presenting his collections based on conceptual themes. In addition, Shiroma's brand has been involved in a wide range of projects including planning live club events, designing goods for artists, limited edition select shop and charity shop planning, and exhibiting in department stores all over Japan.



    She was born in 1981. She worked at a large foreign brand where she was involved in design and planning, and in 2007 started his own independent brand. The same year she opened her own design office and her brand SHIROMA started with its first collection in A/W 2010. With close connections with Japanese domestic factories and sewing plants, Shiroma's creativity began to take shape. Shiroma maintains a high level of creativity as the designer creates all of the patterns herself.


  • Quantize

    In 2006 the designer Noriko Nakamura with general manager Kiharu Kawano started an order made dress company. From 2008 they expanded there brand into ready to wear clothing, combining fashion and art. They are particularly known for there non conventional presentation style, for example there New York underground gorilla show and Paris street show.


  • ariki

    1980  Born in Tokyo,Japan 1999-2003  Aoyama Gakuin University BA in French language and Literature 2003-2004  VANTAN DESIGNE INSTITUTE fashion department 2005-2010  COMME des GARCONS, assistant for planning and production department of Junya Watanabe COMME des GARCONS 2011  Start own brand 'ARIKI'


About X-SEED

Where top young desigenrs gather and learn the Asia’s best creative fashion to debut in the world’s fashion industry
若き才能が集う最高峰クラス”X-SEED” アジア最高峰のクリエイティブを学び、世界デビューを目指す。

EXCELLENT + SEEDS = X-SEED *The Special Promotional Course

The students will prepare their best works that are well over students level to compete against each other for the ticket to showcase 2 debut stages throughout the year. All the classes are available in English, and that is one of the reasons why the world’s top fashion students can compete and learn together. The classes are taught by the lecters who have gained the top level of creativity and teaching methods. The X-SEED course will prepare you to become the next world’s top fashoin designer.

EXCELLENT(卓越した)+SEEDS(種子)=X-SEEDという名の特別進級クラス。年間2回用意されるデビューステージに向けて学生レベルを超える作品を制作し、業界トップが集う展示会に出品するデビューチャンスを掴みます。 授業は英語にも対応していて、世界中からトップレベルの学生が集い、全く違う価値観をぶつけ合い、刺激しあう環境です。 高いクリエイションスキルとティーチングスキルを兼ね備えた世界標準のプロフェッショナルが講師を務め、次世代をリードするデザイン力と世界で通用する人材に育成します。

Couse Concept/コースの特徴

The Incubation Program for Brand Start-Ups

Students can acquire know-how of design and start-up from professional collection
designers. Opportunities are available to hold shows or exhibitions in October/March
during Tokyo Fashion Week, and we also offer the opportunities for students with direct
exposure to Japanese top apparel buyers and fashion journalists, susch as BEAMS /united
arrows / BARNEYS NY / Fashion News / Numero etc...

10月/3月の東京コレクション会期中でのショーまたは展示受注会 実施。
日本屈指のセレクトショップバイヤー/ジャーナリスト(BEAMS /united arrows / BARNEYS NY
/ Fashion News / Numero 等)への直接プレゼン機会の提供。

Production Network

X-SEED can provide students information for sewing factories and suggest the best factory
depending on design, material, and item. And provide students information for the best
Japanese trimmings and notions in the world to support design in detail.

作品表現としてのクオリティが格段にアップします ※別途工場・産地見学ツアーも実施予定。

Class by Fashion Professionals and Designers

Because all classes of X-SEED program are taught by professionals and designers in
fashion industry, X-SEED program can guide you to the final goal, worldwide fashion


Classes Carried on Both in Japanese and in English

A class is carried on both in Japanese and in English with faculty who has experience
abroad. There is bilingual staff on a full-time basis to support the class.


Small Design Tutoring Style



Lecture sessions on brand direction, concept work,and designing process.


Sales methods to set up their own brandand
know-how of distribution to select shops.


Merchandising to manage a brand.


Lecture sessions on brand direction, concept work,and designing process.



  • ・You must have completed more than 2 years of fashion education and/or you have equivalent skills and knowledge in fashion
  • ・You must have a clear vision and motivation for starting up your own fashion brand and/or have clear career vision in fashion industry
  • ・ファッション専門教育において2年以上の教育を修了している人または同等の技術力を有する人
  • ・自身でブランド独立またはファッション業界でのビジョンが明確な人



First Admission 第一次募集


Second Admission 第一次募集


Additional Admission 欠員募集
  • 資料請求 Request Brochure
  • 説明会希望 Request Guidance
Asia Fasion Collection

About us

《Vantan Tokyo》 Vantan Tokyo は、2009 年よりファッション分野の在校生・卒業生の独立・事業展開を支援するインキュベーションの取り組みとして始まりました。 これまでにフランス・パリのファッションウィーク期間中に3 度の展示会やショーを開催し、展示会では、80 名以上のバイヤーが来場、40 件以上のオーダーを獲得しています。 スペイン・イギリス・香港など世界各国から受注し、卒業生である「AGURI SAGIMORI」や「nude:masahiko maruyama 」など、若手デザイナーが世界デビューを果たしています。 2012 年2 月に開催予定である次回の「Vantan Tokyo」は、これまで開催してきたフランス・パリでの展示会から、現在の世界ファッションの先端であるアメリカ・ニューヨークにそのフィールドを移し開催します。Mercedes Benz Fashion Week の総合プロデュースを行っている“IMG”によりMercedes Benz Fashion Week 参加ブランドショーとして正式に認可を受け、メイン会場であるLincoln Center でショーの開催を予定しています。 これは、日本の教育機関としては初めての取り組みです。 バンタンは、現在の社会背景によりグローバル化への対応が急務と捉え、海外でも活躍できる人材を育成したいという思いから、これまで主に国内で行ってきた“実践型デザイン教育”の枠を海外へと広げ、「Vantan Tokyo」を開催しています。 Vantan Tokyo started as a part of Vantan Design Institute’s incubation projects in 2009, setting a stage for the market debut of students while still at school as well as creating a platform for them to launch their creative career. We have held Vantan Tokyo three times during Paris Fashion Week. Over 80 buyers traveled from around the world to the exhibition, where we received more than 40 orders. Our graduates include active young designers, such as Aguri Sagimori of “AGURI SAGIMORI” and Masahiko Maruyama of “nude:masahiko maruyama”. Changing the venue from Paris to New York next year, Vantan has been moving into a new phase. We proudly announce that Vantan Tokyo will be presented in February 2012 at The Studio in Lincoln Center for the A/W 2012 collection. Vantan Design Institute will be the first and only design school,among all the educational institutions in Japan, to participate in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, known as one of the major fashion events worldwide, produced by IMG Fashion. Vantan has been offering unique design education programs, producing graduates with highly developed design techniques and practical business skills. Responding to the rapidly increasing needs of international competitiveness, we try to focus on developing fashion industry professionals who can play roles as the driving force on the global scale. Vantan Tokyo has been one of the symbolic events that represent our educational policy in the international perspective.

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